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with the Study Australia Work Readiness Program

How it works

Start your Australian journey with the Study Australia Work Readiness Program, which has been carefully tailored to help you to improve your employability.

The Certificate generated from this Program is an Australian Government endorsed micro-credential.

Prepare yourself for your Australian education experience.

Guiding you to develop your employability.

We want you to develop your employability through a complete Australian experience.

Start your journey with the Study Australia Work Readiness Program.

Online training that works

Individual training accounts provide self-paced employability skills development.

Become competitive

Develop a microcredential that is recognised by the Australian Government.

Self aware

Learn how to be more self-aware, enabling you to properly market yourself to an employer.

Do what you love

By learning more about yourself, you will also identify the types of jobs and employers that you are more likely to enjoy.

The future world of work is evolving, and being a successful graduate will mean knowing how to navigate your career in changing environments.

Employability is not just about finding a job after graduation, it’s about developing your value proposition: the capabilities, attributes, and ways of thinking that empower you to make a positive contribution to work and society across your entire working life.

Your career advantage

The Study Australia Work Readiness Program.

What is employability?

It’s not just about employment, its about the ability to perform effectively, contribute to society, and communicate your value proposition to others.

Why is it so important to develop my employability?

The world of work is changing, and a degree is no longer the only passport to a successful career. You’ll need to know how to differentiate yourself and add value beyond your studies.

How will you empower and set me up for lifelong success?

We will show you how to unlock the value in your experiences and articulate this to future colleagues, founders, and employers.